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      Air pollution continues to be a rising concern for the global environment and our life.   Diesel powered, gasoline powered and other petrol powered engines account for the majority of today’s air pollution problems.   Most of these problems are a result of incomplete fuel combustion which results in a higher content of harmful gases in exhausts.   These toxic gaseous emissions are hurting our planet and decreasing the quality of our lives.   Automotive pollution caused by exhausts is one of the most serious issues we are faced with today.

      Now is the time, to take action in reducing harmful gaseous emissions to ensure a safe environment for our life and our future generations.   We are pleased to introduce Eco-Charge for you.

      Eco-Charge is an environmental protection ionizer (Oxygen Ionic Booster) that is a revolutionary device for reducing the toxic gaseous emissions of vehicles.   The main material is rare earth metal, it has an effect of activating oxygen molecular in air.  The purpose of Eco-Charge is to improve fuel combustion efficiency and reduce toxic substance such as CO (Carbon Monoxide), HC (Hydro Carbon) and black smoke and/or PM (Particulate Matter) etc. which is found in exhaust gases.   Different from the post-processing catalyst exhaust systems for automotive applications,   Eco-Charge is a pre-treatment device that is installed on the air filter of an engine.   The result is an improved combustion process with secondary benefits of increased engine output, better fuel efficiency, dissolution of exhaust odor and cleaner engine etc.

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